While employed for Reell Precision Manufacturing, I traveled to China to assist with the unforeseen manufacturing processes of a high tolerance torque product.  It involved building the assembly tooling in the USA and then, final assembly production in Tianjin, China.  The product was the lid hinges on Apple's AirMac Book laptop personal computer.

Actual Issues:

1) The final hinge assembly would not pass the engineering drawing specifications for shaft concentricity requirements.


Designed a special check tool for each individual press operation.  This tool would multiple the run-out errors by extending the length of the shaft and measure actual angularity displacement with a dial indicator.  This method identified which press process was causing the issue and allowed quality operations to be restored in the shortest amount of time.    

2) The hinges were being shipped "in specification" and rejected as "out of spec" for set angle by the customer.

Investigation Process:

The final assembly product was nested in shipping trays designed to maintain the set shipping angle. The shipping trays were vibration tested in a horizontal orientation but were not guaranteed to be limited to this orientation during the standard freight shipping practice. 

Simple Solution:

Add shipping labels on the exterior of the box, "THIS SIDE UP".   

All Shipment Were Delivered On Schedule