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Sample of My Design and Fabrication Skills


US Patent 6,016,687


Apparatus for Indicating Ozone Exposure

This product was designed for individuals with upper respiratory health restrictions.  Ozone is the easiest element to detect in smog and is known to trigger asthma several hours after an ozone exposure occurs.  The basis function of this product relies on the amount of ambient ozone exposure, with respect to concentration and time, affects the properties of latex material.  This device yields a latex membrane to three different cross sectional thicknesses and trips a signal upon the latex material's failure.  The thinnest cross section breaks first and likewise, the remaining lesser stretched latex membranes are calibrated to withstand higher thresholds of ozone exposure which then allows the person to prevent unnecessary ozone exposures.   

US Patent 5,788,930 & US Patent 4,863,701

This research involved ozone enriched air as an air purifying agent.  


The first goal was to develop an ozone generating device that would consistently produce the oxidizing agent and not degrade with respect to operating time.   This was accomplished with the use of non pressurized, soda lime glass electrode tubes and documented with Patent 4,863,701.


Ozone usage at concentrations to be classified as a germicide posed safety concerns.  When the device is utilized as a portable tool to purify enclosed environments, the operator was required estimate how long to run an ozone treatment for that particular situation. The variables were; temperature, humidity, volatile compound or organic source being treated and ventilation required to exhaust excess ozone after a treatment. 


The Solution


Develop an ozone device similar to a clothes washing machine.   The first cycle would emit germicidal strength ozone and then a second cycle to emit an ozone de-stabling substance to neutralizes all excess ozone, regardless of exterior ventilation.   This device utilized a micro processor to control ozone generation, a solenoid valve to emit air diluted with traces of un-odorized propane gas and a propane gas sensor.  After the ozone cycle was completed, the air being recycled back through the device was sniffed for propane and at the least detectable propane, the treatment was over and the environment was assured to be ozone free and safe for the operator to re-enter the enclosure.

This was accomplished with working prototypes and Patent 5,788,930 issued.          

US Patent # 6,299,172


"Stickette" A creative game for all ages.

This game was based on a safe type of dart board but had variables to make the game as challenging for throwing skills as well as mental strategy. 

The unlike a standard dart board, this game allowed both the zone boundaries and their prospective values to be established by the players.  

Ten game prototype game sets were built, complete with illustrated rules and score sheets.  These were utilized for a market evaluation study which was coordinated with Professor Neil Delisanti, and his students at The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma Washington.




The Conclusion: 

Consumer market trend was expanding in the electronic gaming sector and similar games, such as dart boards were in decline.  

The project was terminated.


US Patent # 4,884,988


Most young children do not have the patience to erect a large construction toy.  They loose interest and do not use their creativity.  This safe design allows fast construction without the frustration of proper alignment skills. 


This is how it works:


All edges of the panels are lined with a special bi-mating hook & loop material called, "Omni-Tape".  This material is similar to the "Velcro" Trademark product but unlike the standard Velcro that requires two different pieces to stick together, Omni-Tape has both the hooks and loops integrated on one fabric surface.  This method does not require an opposite material of either hook or loop, but can actually stick to itself.   Multiple panel edges can be joined without the restriction of matching a hook edge to a loop edge on each panel.


This prototype set was designed with two identical sets of geometric panel pieces. One of the sets were made in a table top size and allowed the child to construct a scaled model prior to attempting to build the actual crawl-through floor model. 


Children and their parent's interest in this design was very high, but due to the quantity and price of the special "Omni Tape" material, this product was not marketable.

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